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If the Shoe Fits . . . File a Class Action? Zappos Data Breach Leads to Quick Lawsuit.

Less than 24 hours after the Zappos data breach was announced, a class action lawsuit was filed against Amazon.com (Zappos is owned by Amazon).  The Complaint [pdf] purports to be asserted on behalf of a putative class of 24 million customers whose information was exposed in the Zappos hacking incident. While 24 million individuals, not to mention the name recognition and … Continue reading

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Did the First Circuit Open a Pandora’s Box in Data Breach Litigation?

Plaintiffs’  attorneys are now likely to rely on the First Circuit’s opinion in Anderson v. Hannaford Bros. Co., (1st Cir. Oct. 20, 2011) [.pdf], when asserting claims in the wake of a data breach.  The Hannaford matter arose  in December 2007, when hackers stole millions of credit and debit card numbers from Hannaford Brothers, a large grocery chain.  In a span of 3 months, … Continue reading

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Dropbox Sued for Data Breach – Plaintiff Seeks Class Action

In May, we discussed the FTC’s investigation of whether Dropbox encrypts data stored according to industry best practices in order to decrease the risk of data breach and identity theft to its customers.  On June 20th, Dropbox announced that after a code change, it discovered that it had accidentally turned off password authentication for its … Continue reading

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