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            Wuhan Chuangyuji Network Technology Co., Ltd.(C-PEAK for short),founded in 2012,is an Internet cultural and creative enterprise. The main business includes: digital art training, game art technology services and video content related. At present, there are nearly 300 employees, and we are involved in almost all phenomenal game products in China. Especially we have participated in the development of a series of works, such as “Diablo:Immortal”, “Minecraft”, “Ace Force”, “Metal Slug”, and “Ring of Elysium”etc. Recently, the whole process customized service team of game art has been established in a large scale, and can participate in the various visual effects from original painting to model, map editing design and action effects of AAA level game.In the future, we are determined to build our team into a large-scale digital creative enterprise from the training of game talents to the overall customization development of game content.


            Next-generation projects
            ? Tianya Mingyue Knife
            ? Diablo
            ? Shining warm
            ? Peace elite
            ? Three heroes
            ? Operation Wilderness
            ? Battle of Ping An Jing
            ? Terminator
            ? War of intent
            ? Tianyu
            ? Qin Shimingyue
            ? Codename: vitality
            Rendering projects
            ? Fantasy Westward Journey
            ? Shenwu3
            ? Dream world
            ? Crazy Animal City
            ? Shido Beach
            Hand-painted 3D projects
            ? League of legends
            ? Ace Warrior
            ? QQ Speed
            ? Contra
            ? My world
            ? Little Fox Girl
            ? Under one person
            ? Onmyoji
            ? Town Magic
            ? Painted true-Miaobi Qianshan
            ? Ghost Story
            ? Fairy Tail
            Original painting design project
            ? Moment of holding the sword
            ? Ace Warrior
            ? Love and Producer
            ? Shining warm
            ? QQ Speed
            ? Naruto
            ? Under one person
            ? Incredible crown

            Digital art training business
            Cooperate with Hetian,the largest local digital training institution in Wuhan,to jointly create a digital training business.The training orientation is mainly for one college and two colleges. The number of students exceeds 2,000 each year and grows year by year. With a training team of 40 people,we have collaborated with dozens of colleges and universities on the establishment of school-enterprise cooperation and disciplinary co-construction.

            Game Art Technical Service Business
            The full-process technical service team of game art and the top technical personnel in the industry,the core suppliers of many giants,are good at various game styles and can adapt to various high-quality requirements.Many successful examples of full-process are gradually moving towards comprehensive service providers.The direction of progress,the transplantation,customization and joint development of games,CG,comics,animation,and other content will provide customers with more service directions.
            300-person team size,260-person technical team.

            • Wuhan Chuangyuji Network Technology Co., Ltd.
            • 4th Floor, Office Building, No. 7 Creative World, No. 16 Yezhihu West Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
            • 13163228466
            • hr@c-peak.com